LETTER | Bringing Women Together to Foster a Network of Support

To Our Community:

We are reaching out today to let everyone know about our organization – Women Empowering Women Institute. We want all women to know about the opportunities and programs available through our organization to help them face their challenges and step into the future with knowledge and confidence.

One of our goals is bringing women together to create a “cohesive community” that will foster new networks of support, information and possibilities. Our non-profit is only three years old, and we’ve accomplished so much. We have just begun to establish infrastructure needed to offer women in Fairfield County the opportunity to find high quality, affordable behavioral health and wellness programs, career counseling, financial literacy and other creative initiatives geared toward growth and empowerment. We hold events like Ladies Night Out on a regular basis, so women can get together, share new ideas, relax, have some fun, and help each other become their best selves. We also offer health and wellness events, panel discussions for parents of children with special needs and more.

Join our Board and get involved! At this exciting time in our nonprofit’s development, we are looking for energetic, engaged board members who share our mission and are looking to turn their passions into practice. Please think about ways you can contribute. Perhaps you are a networker, event organizer, investor or a great person who wants to join our growing community. We welcome conversations, thoughts, ideas, and feedback. There is so much to be part of and make a difference in our community.

Karen Nisenson, Executive Director




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