Nature, History, Art

In an era where the impermanence of the natural world is often met with a resigned shrug, the Nutmeg Woodturners League, a venerable institution…

EDITORIAL | Striving for Mediocrity

The recent debate in Connecticut over the statewide reading curriculum mandate brings to the fore a pressing concern in American education: implementing broad mandates…

A New New Year

As the calendar pages turn, we find ourselves again at the threshold of a new beginning. This time, it’s not the widely celebrated New…

Editorial: Building Wonderful

In the heart of our small town, where every face is familiar and each story interwoven with another, there lies a powerful yet often…

EDITORIAL | Winter’s Warm Embrace

As the winter chill settles in, communities have a unique opportunity to come together, creating a tapestry of warmth and support that transcends the…

EDITORIAL | Halloween

Editorial from the New Canaan Sentinel newspaper about remembering Halloween and reminding readers to be safe.
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