Staying Put in New Canaan: More than Just Rides

We know that New Canaan is a great place to raise a family, but how lucky are we that it’s also a great place to “age well,” with an organization like Staying Put in New Canaan that offers a multitude of services to seniors on a daily basis to help them stay in their home, enjoy an active social life and benefit from the multi-faceted and highly personal support of our tight-knit community.

Staying Put’s 16th Birthday Party

It’s not surprising that Staying Put offers such a robust offering, because New Canaan has always had the community leaders and volunteers to identify a need in town and make things happen. In 2006, a survey sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services found that most New Canaan seniors wanted to stay in their homes for an increasingly long and active future. A group of local seniors and professionals got together and drafted a business plan, developed a website and some marketing materials, and two years later, launched the innovative “aging in place” program that empowers New Canaan seniors to live confidently at home and stay engaged with a wide range of activities and support.

Yes, Staying Put offers door-to-door rides for seniors within New Canaan and other local towns (more than 1,800 rides in 2023 alone), but not everyone is aware that Staying Put in New Canaan provides so much more. In addition to transportation services, and with the help of more than 50 local volunteers, Staying Put empowers New Canaan seniors to live confidently at home and stay engaged in the community, while enjoying being the beneficiaries of a wide range of personal and practical services.

For residents in their 60’s, 70’s and older, Staying Put organizes and hosts social gatherings, programs and excursions to stay connected. Staying Put also helps seniors with minor home repairs and one-on-one tech assistance (cell phone, TV or computer), grocery shopping and helpful errands, like picking up a prescription. Our team of caring professionals is always ready to provide information, share a referral, and provide counseling, support and personalized assistance. Staying Put even provides seniors experiencing isolation or loneliness with regular phone calls and visits. Some Staying Put members say that even if they don’t use all of the services offered, they feel they have a built-in safety net for if and when they do. Additionally, Staying Put works in partnership with other community partners, too, including the Lapham Center and the New Canaan Library, to expand upon the educational, recreational and social opportunities enjoyed by Staying Put members.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about Staying Put in New Canaan:

“I love everything about Staying Put; all the helpful staff and volunteers!! I feel fortunate to have such a well organized, helpful and thoughtful group available to me. New Canaan is fortunate to have Staying Put as part of our town and it makes New Canaan a great place to live” – Riv Neiss

“What I enjoy most about Staying Put is making new friends, delighting in the sense of community, and engaging in wonderful and new activities” – Joan Jaworowski

“I grew up in New Canaan. I am so happy we have Staying Put. It is a friendly, welcoming, place to be a part of, now as a senior living in New Canaan.” – Joan B. Gray

“It is my ‘Staying in Touch’ system” – Gayle Findlay

“I would not live alone here without Staying Put” – Janet Lindstrom

You’re never too young to join Staying Put to get into the swing of getting connected and aging well in our community. The annual cost is $400 per person or $500/couple and scholarships are available.

To learn more about Staying Put, contact our staff at 203-966-7762 or visit our offices downtown at 58 Pine Street (entrance in the back), or visit us on the web at

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