LETTER | Thank You!

To the Editor, 

Hope you are doing well. I enjoy reading our newspaper, Sentinel, every week.  Especially the Amusement, entertaining, puzzles, and Jim Knox’s reports.

However, I like to tell a scary story.  Today, Sunday evening as I quietly was watching TV, my security alarm kept going off , showing; Smoke, fire! 

It kept going off a few times, every time the security system monitor would call, but there was nothing, no smoke, no fire, thank God. 

I called the New Canaan Fire Department. MIKE JACKSON, and JOE DIIORIO our good looking FIREMEN came over, checked all the smoke detectors and found the faulty one, flashing red light. Boy, what a relief, these 2 men, and for sure all our firemen are HEROES!  

GOD bless them for being there when we desperately need them. Thank you sooo much Firemen MIKE & JOE.  

Sincerely Maria

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