LETTER | Just a Kid

 Listen, I’m just a kid but I want to solve my own problems. Sometimes I feel like me and my friends at West School are relying on our teachers too much. I respect that my teachers help kids, but I feel like teachers are “needed” too much. For example, I like to play football or soccer at recess. When I play, the teachers are there as referees even though some of them don’t know the rules. They pick teams, team captains, and make calls. I respect that they are trying to help us, but we, as kids, can probably solve most of our own problems. Also, when kids like me have problems with friends at school, teachers usually come in even when we don’t ask them to. One time I was trying to help my friend get new friends, and my teacher came in and immediately told me that I should stop trying to help him and let the teachers do it for me. No offense to all teachers, but some of this is not their business. Lastly, I just think that kids are kids and we have to learn to solve our own problems. In middle school, high school, and college I doubt that they will help you with those kinds of problems. All in all, I respect all teachers and all that they do, but I just think that we as students rely on teachers too much.

Teddy Staples 

9 Years Old

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