LETTER | Dear Veterans

Dear Veterans,

I have lived in New Canaan for 70 years, am a WWII combat Veteran and I served in Germany. I’m a member of the New Canaan VFW. 

Over the years, the VFW has been losing many of its members as each of us gets up in age. (I am 98 years old myself.) So I am asking the younger Veterans of New Canaan to give some thought to becoming a VFW member and carrying on the good work the VFW has been doing for so many years.  I do understand that the young Vets are busy with kids, sports, and work but being a member doesn’t take up too much time and helps this great patriotic organization. (We meet in New Canaan 1x per month for one hour.) 

In case you aren’t familiar with the good works the VFW provides for our New Canaan community, here are a few examples:

  Organizing the New Canaan Memorial Day Parade

  Placing American flags and Christmas wreaths on Veterans graves in all New Canaan cemeteries

  Organizing the Veterans Day Ceremony, speaker and refreshments

  Veterans plaques in the lobby of Town Hall

  Veterans banners on the lamp posts in town at Veterans Day

  Honor guard and assistance at veterans burials and wakes

  Assistance for veterans in distress, such as food and funds

  The ceremony at Lakeview cemetery on Memorial Day

  Presentations at the local public schools on Veterans Day

  Veteran discussion groups at St Lukes

  And much more for all the living and deceased veterans in New Canaan

You’ve served your country and I thank you for that sacrifice, now I would ask you to consider serving your town through the VFW.

If you do have an interest, you can contact our VFW Commander, Mike McGlinn by phone or email.

203-962-1302/ michael@mcglinnins.com 

Thank you and God Bless you all.

Frank Gallo

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