LETTER | New Barriers on Elm

I am writing about the new barriers put in place for the restaurants. 

As a shop owner in town these new barriers directly impact our business. 

By my calculations this eliminates about 12-13 parking places on Elm St, including handicap parking. 

We’ve already lost a significant amount of parking in recent years. I don’t know the exact number but it’s quite a lot. 

I’m sure just about everyone who shops or eats in town agrees that parking is a major issue. Not a single day passes that someone doesn’t complain to me about the difficulties of finding a parking space. 

Yes, there is parking behind Elm but the hassles of using the meters and the inconvenience of navigating the stairs and distance prevents most people from parking there. They would prefer to just forgo their shopping and head home. 

Add into the mix that many employees of stores and businesses take up space on Elm and it increases a big problem. 

All of the restaurants on Elm already have outdoor seating as well as ample space indoors. The extra seating is for overflow and how much of that is needed? A few extra tables certainly does not bring in enough revenue to make up for the loss of parking for everyone else. 

The entire retail sector of town is being hurt by these barriers. We are losing revenue in exchange for a handful of restaurants getting a few extra tables. 

Additionally, what is the rush? 

April 1st?

The restaurants don’t even have their own outdoor seating set up yet. The weather is not  nice enough on a regular bases to warrant the loss of parking. 

Virtually all of the retail sector is being ignored and there is no thought or balance to these barriers. 

Thank you, Brad Reh

Brad & Vandy Reh Fine Jewelry

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